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Packing Yourself

Our professionals will expertly pack all your breakable items including dishes and glasses.
We do not suggest packing fragile items yourself. Our proficient professionals have many years of experience working with breakable items. They can pack them better in a fraction of the time. We also include all the necessary boxing and wrapping supplies, such as bubble wrap. If, however, you would prefer to pack by yourself, be it for economic or for reasons of convenience, we suggest you follow these instructions:

  • Never pack over the edge of the container
  • Pots, Pans & Kitchen Utensils Follow the rules above, always fit items within one another when possible to conserve space
  • China, Dishware, Glassware, Silverware, Small Pictures Frames & Valuable Items Breakable items should be wrapped individually in paper or bubble wrap. Large dishes and heavier pieces should always be placed on the bottom of your container/carton box. Small plates, cups and saucers towards the top
  • Clothing, Linen, Towels & Draperies. These items should be folded and neatly packed into clean cartons or dresser drawers
  • Mirrors, Painting & Marble For small painting & mirror cartons, we suggest items be wrapped with bubble wrap and in some cases to be crated
  • Lamps & Lampshades Remove bulbs and shades, pack the lamps with linen or wrap separately and place in clean cartons. Shades should be wrapped in tissue and placed in large linen cartons
  • Rugs/Carpets Roll and wrap in plastic
  • Tools remove all fuel from power tools (do not ship flammable fuel under any circumstance). Pack tools in small cartons. Wrap fragile items separately

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